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Will they ban me?

No, and for a variety of reasons. Here is the main one: it is almost impossible to prove the involvement of a particular streamer in cheating (until they literally get caught by the hand). At the same time, Twitch cannot afford to ban for any cheating as such without proof of guilt. Otherwise, it would allow to "raid" any streamers and any channels - you spin bots to your competitor, and he flies to the ban. In addition, Twitch itself sells ad space and it (surprise-surprise!) Also benefits from "twisting" the numbers. Therefore, any fight against cheating is carried out mainly in words.

It should be noted that we need ONLY a link to your channel from you.We do not need any passwords and data from your account. It's safe.

Also, we will soon launch Viewers and Followers for Facebook Gaming. After all, everyone knows that after the Mixer was closed, all channels were moved there.

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